Companies succeed because of the people who build them. 

Operator Collective is a venture fund and the dream team community of founders and Operator LPs.

The Collective Venture Model®

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200+ Operator Limited Partners

This is who’s literally invested in your success.

Our Operator LPs (executives who are currently building, running, and growing tech companies) are the most sought-after leaders in the industry.

Headshots of our community

From day one it was clear Operator Collective is different. They have been unusually helpful, present, and encouraging. We're proud of what they’re doing, and even more proud to have their support.

Barry McCardel
CEO and Co-Founder, Hex
Headshots of our community

Working with Operator Collective is like having unlimited access to a real life Masterclass.

Christina Calvaneso Ross
CEO and Co-Founder, Cube
Headshots of our community

Operator Collective LPs have built category-defining companies. They have truly unparalleled experience in scaling companies and bring deep expertise across all functions, at every stage.

Erica Ruliffson Schultz
President of Field Operations
Headshots of our community

Operator Collective has been instrumental in connecting me to people and opportunities I'd have no way of getting to otherwise. I love having them on my side.

Deon Nicholas
CEO & Co-Founder, Forethought
Headshots of our community

Some companies think they need certain skills as they start to scale, but the real key is having access to them from a much earlier stage. Operator Collective gives us an added level of expertise we had no idea we needed. It's really a one-stop-shop for building your company.

Jason Boehmig
CEO & Co-Founder, Ironclad
Headshots of our community

The Collective Venture Model is inclusive and diverse, opening up doors to people who never thought of themselves as being part of the venture community. It feels like these are my people, and I belong here.

Anu Bharadwaj
President, Atlassian
Headshots of our community

To know there’s a resource out there full of people that have beat these same challenges - a group you can access as you go? You can’t put a price on that kind of help.

Rachel Romer
CEO & Co-Founder, Guild Education
Headshots of our community

Operator Collective is the most impactful investor on our cap table.

Daniel Barber
CEO & Co-Founder, DataGrail
Headshots of our community

I don't think you can find the level of experience and expertise in such a wide, diverse range of subject matter anywhere that I know of. To be able to tap into one of the investors for any need that you have? That’s amazing.

Elena Gomez
CFO, Toast & member, OpCo Advisory Board
Headshots of our community

Being backed by Operator Collective means being backed by a powerhouse group of executives who have not only scaled successful tech companies, but done it with great care for building strong organizational cultures. That type of values alignment is hugely important to me as a founder.

Shannon Goggin
CEO and Co-Founder, Noyo
Headshots of our community

I’m incredibly inspired by this group of operators, and excited about 'what’s possible' when diverse perspectives are seen and heard. It’s encouraging to see a group of such diverse leaders committed to driving equity – creating more opportunity and accessibility for all.

Francessca Vasquez
VP, Technology, AWS
Headshots of our community

Venture has always been exclusive, white, and male, and here comes Operator Collective, which turns that model on its head. In contrast to the many empty statements we’ve seen from those in tech and VC, Operator Collective is innovating on how to rebuild the ecosystem, removing many hurdles and creating new access points for founders and investors. We know from our own experience that this will generate industry-beating returns.

Freada Kapor Klein
Founder, Kapor Capital
Headshots of our community

Operator Collective has assembled a world-class network of the most experienced operators in tech from diverse backgrounds. They have created a meaningful community and a scalable, powerful platform - it's working, and we look forward to their continued success.

Stuart Mason
Chief Investment Officer, University of Minnesota

We're invested.

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