The Collective Venture Model®

No one does it alone. It's the people you collect along the way that make or break a company.

Operators are critical to turning ideas into successful businesses. But venture, surprisingly, runs in a way that is simply not accessible to - and for - the people it needs most: leaders from diverse backgrounds growing startups into companies that shape entire industries and generations.

These are the people you want literally invested in your success.

Spring Gathering 2019
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OpCo Board of Advisors
Fall Gathering 2021
Spring Gathering
Spring Gathering 2019
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Spring Gathering 2022

Operator Collective launched in 2019 to turn the model on its head. We’re a venture fund structured in a non-traditional way. We run our fund like a company, built from the ground up with the fundamental belief that teams deliver the best results. Our stellar community of operators are not just tacked on as an afterthought, or silent partners who write checks. In OpCo, LPs are activated. They bring investment opportunities, meet with founders during diligence, and provide meaningful introductions to potential customers and key talent hires. They are the expert, the customer, and the talent.

We invented the Collective Venture Model® as a scalable and sustainable platform. We mobilize the most valuable resource needed to supercharge rising companies – not just capital, but the expertise and networks of the most respected leaders who are building today’s most successful tech companies.


our Operator LPs bring 5000+ years of operating experience to the table.

All sides benefit. It’s how we believe real change will happen. Operators from diverse backgrounds participate in the venture ecosystem (many for the first time) while strengthening their own careers. Founders build enduring companies with the invaluable expertise of our operators, their networks, and a diversified cap table.

We bring networks together that normally don’t overlap. We’re changing the game because it’s a flywheel, not a funnel. Aligned incentives drive shared success, and expanded access to wealth creation.

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Fall Gathering 2021

The Model in Action

Hear from a few of our founders on the OpCo difference.
See what OpCo is all about

Our Values


The Collective Venture Model® “rises the tide.” New access points expand wealth creation opportunities and accelerate success. It’s a win-win-win for founders, operators, and investors.


We are focused, intentional, and deliberate. We’re sharp in our execution and driven to achieve exponential outcomes for our founders and our community.


We’re greater than the sum of our parts. We bring diverse backgrounds and unique superpowers together to unleash the experience, expertise, and networks of our community.

Optimism (& joy!)

We believe what we’re doing creates a brighter future. We love what we do because of who we get to do it with and for.

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