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Who ya gonna call? Regal, the new phone sales solution

Mallun Yen

Driving more than 1,000,000 ROI-positive conversations per month, Regal is removing outbound friction by reaching customers where they are…on their phone.

The company: Regal
Regal.io is the outbound phone and SMS sales solution built to drive more conversations with customers, so companies can hit their growth goals faster. The fastest-growing businesses are adding branded calls and texts powered by Regal to drive a personal touch in an increasingly digital world.

Regal’s origin

While at Angi, co-founders Alex and Rebecca successfully drove top-of-funnel growth. But even after rolling out website optimization and email/SMS remarketing, only about 4 of 100 customers would convert. In an attempt to drive conversion, Alex and Rebecca began phone calling the remaining 96% “abandoned” customers. To their surprise, a quick phone call and some 1:1 attention led to conversions at double the rate. 

As they looked to continue this streak, they found that the current outbound contact center technology only allowed them a basic, one-size-fits-all “call more” or “call faster” strategy, resulting in a lack of responses and terrible customer service. Knowing from their experience that another way could exist and provide the desired results, Alex and Rebecca got to work on Regal to help brands realize the incredible power of calling customers. 

Why you should pay attention

With over 1,000,000 ROI positive calls per month and an average 25% revenue increase for clients, Regal has proved that treating your customers like royalty pays, and they’ve provided a scalable and repeatable solution to doing so. By offering personalized features such as Branded Caller-ID, Regal removes the risk of spam and increases response and callback rates, driving user retention, conversion, and expansion. It’s no wonder Regal raised $38.5 million Series A last month with a total of $42.1 million in funding.

The details

Regal is designed to empower businesses to make branded, event-driven calls and texts their competitive advantage. Built on a modern data stack, Regal helps them reach the right customer at the right time with the right message to drive more sales regardless of what CRM, CDP, or customer service software they use.

With Branded Caller ID, gone are the days of hoping a customer answers an unknown number, or worse, a call marked as spam. 

Their unified conversation history and customer profiles ensure sales and support agents can review, stay updated, and learn together.

Regal’s Journey Builder allows for a no-code orchestration of personalized outreach that triggers at key revenue-generating moments.

To further personalize and add a human touch, Regal calls and texts come from a single 10 Digit Long Code, allowing customers to call and text the same number that just reached out.

Along with multiple dialing modes, intelligent routing, task prioritization, voicemail drop, scheduled callbacks, and SMS auto-responders, Regal offers full customization for businesses conversing with customers.

How it works

Regal drives higher response rates and personalized phone outreach by removing spam labels, branding outbound calls, implementing two-way texting, and getting carrier-level performance data. By allowing business customers to reach all 400M cell phones in the US from one platform, customers can add event-driven calls and texts to skyrocket answer rates while providing their sales team a unified agent desktop to improve on call conversion. Regal also provides the data to show off a company’s impact.

Why we’re obsessed

Leading brands like SoFi, Ro, Angie's List, Emeritus, Vroom, The Farmer's Dog and Fidelity Life rely on Regal.io and the results speak for themselves - 10x the engagement of emailing a customer and 10x+ ROI on average.

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