TechCrunch: Operator Collective was early to bring on operators as LPs. Now it’s doubling down


This article by Rebecca Szkutak was originally published on

When Operator Collective started in 2018, its idea of cultivating a community of operators as LPs to serve as a resource to its portfolio companies was unique. Now, it’s de rigueur as many firms build out their operator teams. But Operator Collective looks to prove that its model still rises above the rest with its second fund.

The San Francisco-based organization raised $92 million for its second fund to invest in early-stage enterprise companies. The fund was backed by an LP base of 152 operators, in addition to a few institutions, and comes three years after the firm raised $51 million for its first fund.

Operator Collective founder and CEO Mallun Yen said while there are a few changes for Fund II, the goal and structure are largely the same: creating a community where startups and operators can help each other.

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