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Propense AI Aims to Prop Up ProServe

Haley Daiber Brannan

Accounting partners and lawyers aren’t always the best salespeople. It’s a problem that has been a pain point in the professional services industry for years: how can professionals maximize the services they provide their clients?  Propense AI is a SaaS platform designed by an industry veteran to help cross-sell existing clients on new service lines. It’s a game changer for an industry that is being pushed to improve internal efficiencies. While most companies that are selling AI products to the professional services industry actually reduce billable hours, Propense represents an immediately appealing opportunity to help businesses evolve with AI while directly increasing topline revenue. 

We’re thrilled to share more about our latest investment in Propense, which today announced its $3M seed round. Hear all about it from CEO & Co-Founder Timothy Keith in my interview below.  

The Company

Propense.ai is a SaaS platform that identifies new revenue streams for professional services businesses. The B2B predictive sales intelligence model enables firms to streamline and maximize their cross-selling revenue by using AI to analyze historical and current market data points to reveal revenue opportunities hiding in plain sight. 

Why You Should Pay Attention 

Accounting and legal professionals face daily challenges keeping up with ever-changing financial and legal regulations, tax laws, fee structures, and new technologies. On a macro level, labor shortages and market consolidation are putting additional pressure on these professionals, who are now tasked with cross-selling services they don’t understand as well as their core lines of business. The most successful professional services firms are actively engaged in adding service offerings to help their clients, but often struggle with educating their teams on when to offer new service. Through it all, Propense exists to make their customers successful, exceed their own clients’ expectations, and overcome industry challenges. 

The Details

Propense.ai combines artificial intelligence and user insights to streamline the sales process for accounting and legal pros. Through leveraging a firm’s internal data as well as outside market data, the platform delivers precise cross-selling recommendations that helps customers address their top challenges. A key component of the platform is a client feedback loop, allowing Propense to work directly with their clients to refine the model. The feedback directly impacts outcomes, and positions professionals as trusted advisors driving the change, not reacting to it. It’s a human-centric approach that enables a sense of ownership, and it’s resonating with professional services firms across the US. 

How it Works

Propense.ai goes beyond cross-selling by empowering accountants and lawyers to better understand all of the services their firms provide and how they align with clients’ goals. The product takes firmographic data and historical data out of the existing system of record they have today and leverages machine learning to identify potential cross-sell opportunities. The solution includes both a web app where you can see opportunities across the firm, as well as an in-app plugin where professionals live - Microsoft Outlook. This allows them to go through their typical workflow while having Propense suggest new outreach action items to take and leverage generative AI to help automate key elements of the process. 

Why We’re Invested

There’s frequent misalignment between existing and emerging technologies and the unique requirements of the professional services sector. Propense is building specifically for this industry, from the inside out. Timothy deeply understands and has experienced first-hand not only the challenges professionals face, but also their passion for serving their clients. By bringing their customers along on the business journey and fostering relationships based on trust and support, they have achieved incredible traction in a little over a year since founding. Nine out of the top 50 accounting firms have already embraced the platform, and they’re just getting started. Their customers are committed to working with the Propense team long-term to solve their unique pain points and drive an increase in revenue during a time of uncertainty in their industry. 

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Watch Tim and Haley’s interview below to learn more about Propense and his vision to help professional services firms succeed, and get in touch to learn more

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