Operator Collective Announces New Board of Advisors

Leyla Seka

Great news: We’ve formalized our new Operator Collective Board of Advisors. The Board consists of four of the most sought after and admired leaders in technology today, positioning Operator Collective to have an even greater impact on both our portfolio companies and on the Venture Capital ecosystem at large. As members of the Board, they will serve as strategic Fund advisors and will help our portfolio leaders and their teams as they build, grow, and scale their companies.
This group represents the very best of what technology has to offer; each leader is passionate about helping Operator Collective shepherd in a new wave of tech companies and a new level of diversity in Venture Capital. 
The Operator Collective Board of Advisors:

  • Tekedra Mawakana, Co-CEO of Waymo. Tekedra is widely known for her operating prowess and strategic thinking, both of which will help our portfolio companies understand how to plan for growth while remaining nimble.

  • Claire Hughes Johnson, COO of Stripe. Claire’s keen sense for how to scale companies into empires makes her one of the most sought-after minds in Silicon Valley and beyond. Her knowledge will be a critical piece to help our portfolio companies as they build and grow.

  • Stacy Brown-Philpot, Former CEO of TaskRabbit. Stacy knows how to lead organizations through change. Her deep understanding of what it takes to be an exceptional CEO will be invaluable to our portfolio company CEOs as they scale.

  • Erica Schultz, President Field Operations at Confluent. Erica is known to run the most effective revenue organizations in the valley; her understanding of how to scale through change will help our portfolio companies position themselves for success.

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