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How Can You Be Sure Your Pipeline Will Support Revenue Growth? Meet RevSure.

Haley Daiber Brannan

What’s the top problem on every marketing and sales leader’s mind right now? The health of their pipeline. Is there enough? Are our campaigns working? Where are the conversion bottlenecks? There are usually more questions than answers, and right now the entire c-suite is laser-focused on efficient revenue growth. There’s increasing pressure across the entire funnel, all while marketing teams are being asked to do more with less. There’s no shortage of go-to-market and business intelligence tools aimed at the sales pipeline, but a jumble of point solutions and homegrown efforts to piece the information together clearly, accurately and promptly aren’t cutting it for marketing and demand gen leaders. 

We’re thrilled to share more about our latest investment in RevSure, which recently expanded its seed funding to $10M -  hear from Founder & CEO Deepinder Singh Dhingra in the interview below.  

The Company

RevSure is a predictable pipeline health and acceleration solution. It gives B2B companies unprecedented visibility into their pipelines with a real-time, single-pane view of the entire marketing and sales funnel. Leveraging predictive AI, RevSure provides recommendations for how marketing teams can course correct before it’s too late to improve quality pipeline generation - which campaigns to prioritize, which leads SDRs should be pursuing first, and where marketing spend is being wasted on leads with low likelihood to convert. The result? Not just more accurate pipeline forecasting, but a higher quality pipeline with less spend. 

Why You Should Pay Attention 

There are plenty of tools out there to address the activities surrounding the pipeline - intent data for more leads, automation to make SDRs more efficient, insights around your sales funnel. But there’s a whitespace where the handoff between marketing and sales happens and leads turn into opportunities. This handoff often involves change in responsibility across teams, and a change in primary software tool. It’s no surprise this is where bottlenecks happen most frequently, usually with little insight into exactly why. The data gets messy - different data models, misalignment on target profiles, and varied definitions of signals and metrics depending on who you ask or which platform you use. RevSure recently surveyed more than 400 marketing leaders in their annual State of Pipeline Generation Report and found that two-thirds of them still don’t know where funnel leakage and conversion bottlenecks are happening in their pipelines. 

The Details

RevSure leverages the customer’s own historical data set as well as third party enrichment to look at factors like industry, persona, and company size to predict which leads are most likely to convert, helping teams to get a sense of how past experience is indicative of future success. It’s a clear view into the quantity and quality of the current pipeline with a predictive forecast that constantly updates where pipeline generation will land this quarter based on any changes to marketing activities. 

How it Works

One of the most impressive aspects of the product is the automatic data normalization process to consolidate and conform all of the different data models coming from the source systems. RevSure creates an abstraction layer through a knowledge graph that allows for a much faster implementation process and fewer internal company resources required. The product is up and running on customer’s data in 3-5 days, with the entire implementation process taking only 2-3 weeks - lightning fast in comparison to most of the BI tools out there. 

There’s an easy user interface that walks customers through the data normalization process during implementation. This UI/UX makes it clear what each metric means in the RevSure dashboard, so there’s no confusion for teams and it applies to the entire funnel. CMOs can see the high-level view while demand-gen marketers and ops managers can go in deep - but everyone is speaking the same language. Because RevSure integrates with the customer’s existing stack, they can provide  real-time visibility into key aspects of the funnel - like stage by stage conversion rates. 

Why We’re Invested

Deepinder is a successful repeat founder with deep experience in this space and, along with his impressive core team, has built a unique product to solve some of the most challenging problems businesses face. 

A solution that marketers and sales leaders alike love to use… and so actually use it? That’s rare. Marketing leaders are constantly looking for the right metrics to measure, and because the number of touchpoints with prospects has exploded with all the point solutions, attribution is incredibly complex. The best solutions to date to understand what activities actually convert to real customer revenue have been manual spreadsheets and generalized business intelligence solutions that are cumbersome to keep updating or require valuable data engineering resources. The customer love RevSure has experienced in such a short time speaks for itself - it’s solving a serious pain point. 

One of RevSure’s customers puts it well: “B2B revenue productivity is at an all-time low. The best way to improve it is by digging deep into the blockers in your funnel and pipeline. Finally having stage-by-stage conversion, in one comprehensive view, is super powerful and actionable — it’s a level of insight I never thought we could achieve.”

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See RevSure in action and watch Deepinder and Haley’s interview below to learn more about RevSure and his vision for pipeline health and clarity. 

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