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Faros AI: The EngOps Company Connecting the Dots for Engineering Leaders

Mallun Yen

New to the scene but hot out of the gate, learn all about OpCo portfolio company Faros AI.

The company: Faros AI

Faros AI is an operational data platform that brings all engineering data into one place to give engineering leaders a single-pane view of their entire software development lifecycle. It takes the guesswork out of planning so that a team can make decisions, allocate resources and improve productivity based on actual data. EngOps is officially here.

Faros AI’s origin

Co-founders Vitaly GordonShubha Nabar, and Matthew Tovbin are machine learning pioneers. They met while building Einstein, Salesforce’s machine learning platform. While enduring struggles of a rapidly growing engineering org, they realized that their counterparts in Sales, Marketing and Finance were incredibly data-informed about their operations. They were modeling and measuring the impact of changes, and moving efficiently. Meanwhile, the engineering side of the office was flying blind. Seemingly simple questions about engineering velocity, security, compliance, or cost required an extreme amount of effort to solve. Relevant data would take weeks to compile, and by the time analyses were complete, the data would be unusable. The team learned they weren’t alone, either: when they spoke to engineering teams in other organizations, it was the same story. Thus, Faros was born.

Why you should pay attention

Faros is making big moves. This March, Faros AI raised $16M in seed funding and has partnered with leading companies like Box, Coursera, GoFundMe, and many more to help their engineering teams move faster. The team has also developed an open source version of the product called Faros CE (Community Edition), which they launched on Product Hunt and is available to install from their website for free.

The details

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Faros AI is on a mission to help engineering leaders gain unprecedented visibility and insight into their operations with data that is automatically extracted and synthesized from all relevant sources. As a result, teams can ship quality software quickly, efficiently, and reliably. 

How it works

Faros does what no other program has done before and connects engineering systems like Jira, Jenkins and GitHub, including an intelligence layer to make logical connections across the data that they could deliver to customers in a dashboard. The program can trace a project across systems, allowing for much quicker access to data. The team has built over 50 connectors to connect typical engineering tools, but also allows for the tech to be open source so engineering teams can connect to any system, regardless of whether Faros supports it natively or not.

Why we’re obsessed

Faros AI is the first truly holistic view into customers’ engineering operations in a noisy space with lots of point solutions, but no real platform. The founders are recognized across the industry as some of the best and are building out a world-class, innovative team, including many who have worked for them before. We’re confident their EngOps platform will become only more and more necessary with the remote/hybrid future of work where engineering processes are more diffuse.

Get involved

You can download the free version of Faros, Faros Community Edition, or inquire about the Professional or Enterprise editions on Faros.ai. Faros is also hiring! Join here.

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