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Celebrating Women's History Month: 9 Forces of Nature to Know

Caroline Caswell

It’s always Women’s History Month at OpCo! This March, we’re shining a light on a few of the forces of nature in our community - get to know some of the visionary founders and operators who are breaking new ground, leading from the front, and building legacies.

Anu Bharadwaj

President - Atlassian

Anu is an accomplished executive with nearly 20 years of experience in leading transformations and building billion-dollar businesses for high-growth startups and enterprises. She brings deep expertise across Product, Operations, Strategy, CorpDev and Engineering to help teams deliver customer-focused growth. Atlassian was 400 people when she joined as the first Head of Product, and built the product org from scratch before becoming COO and overseeing transformative projects across product lines at Atlassian, including the enterprise business, cloud platform teams and operations. Prior to joining Atlassian, Anu was at Microsoft, launching several products for Microsoft Visual Studio for over 10 years. She is deeply passionate about growing diverse teams and making the world a better place through technology and effective philanthropy and currently serves as the Director of Atlassian Foundation. 

Jeanne DeWitt Grosser

Chief Business Officer - Stripe

Jeanne has been with Stripe for more than 8 years, and has helped build out Stripe’s Sales org from the ground up, driving go-to-market strategy and many of the specialized functions required to support complex customers. Prior to Stripe, Jeanne was the Chief Revenue Officer of Dialpad, where she ran all go-to-market functions and drove 4x year-over-year revenue growth. She was also a Director of SMB and Mid-Market Sales at Google, where she led new business acquisition, account management, direct and channel sales for Google Workplace in North America, LatAm, and APAC. 

Sarah Franklin

CEO - Lattice

Sarah is the new CEO of people management platform Lattice, taking over from Jack Altman earlier this year. Prior to Lattice, she spent 16 years at Salesforce, most recently as President, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chairwoman Advisory. She’s a unique leader with a blend of technical knowledge, business acumen, and marketing expertise in emerging technologies and trends. She likes to think big, outside the box, knows how to scale, and has the tenacity to make dreams come true. She also works every day to build a better, more equal world and change the ratios in tech and leadership. 

Prachi Gupta

VP Engineering - Discord

Prachi is passionate about prototyping ideas and creating innovative solutions to real-world problems. She has over two decades of experience in consumer technology companies, and a proven track record of building and managing engineering teams that deliver impactful software. Prior to Discord, Prachi spent 10 years in engineering at LinkedIn. She’s a passionate and active supporter of diversity in STEM, and co-founded LinkedIn’s Women in Technology initiative. Her mission is to enable teams to grow and succeed in a repeatable and predictable manner, while fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence.

Rashida Hodge

Corporate VP, Azure Data and AI | Customer Success - Microsoft

Rashida is a technologist and executive leader at the forefront of AI and emerging technologies that are changing how businesses operate. Currently she leads the Data and AI Customer Success Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft. Rashida’s differentiated leadership approach is grounded in her ability to connect deeply with teams and clients. She lays out blueprints for never-before-seen functions and teams, collaborates across continents, builds relationships of trust, and delivers complex technology solutions from research to commercialization, at scale. Dubbed the “Superhero of IBM Watson AI,” Rashida led the commercialization and global launch of IBM Watson, where she influenced the development and scale of IBM’s most significant technologies and rose to be the highest-ranking African American woman executive.

Susan St. Ledger

President, Worldwide Field Operations - HashiCorp, Inc.

Susan is a global go-to-market leader with expertise in high-growth companies and enterprise technology. Prior to HashiCorp, Susan was President of Worldwide Field Operations at Okta and Splunk, and before that was CRO of Marketing Cloud at Salesforce. She anchors her leadership in a high-growth mindset, and continuously transforms and accelerates businesses. Mentorship and sponsorship are central to her leadership philosophy and she’s passionate about organizations and programs that promote early education. She’s a strong supporter of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and aims to identify, empower, and create opportunities for more women in the industry.

Wendy-Kay Logan

Global Head of Product Management, Business Messages - Google

Wendy-Kay is a general management and Product Executive with 20 years of experience scaling data- and AI-enabled businesses while responsibly managing risk. She has a unique blend of product, monetization, and global go-to-market partnerships expertise with McKinsey strategy DNA and a track record of scaling products from 0 to 100M users. Specializing in marketplaces, automation and analytics, and digital health verticals with SaaS, B2B2C, product-led growth, and advertising business models, she has shepherded globally distributed teams across 4 continents while being responsible for a P&L. At Google, she has also focused on Alphabet board-relevant topics, including helping operationalize the Alphabet governance model, informing data privacy risk and compliance policies, evaluating compensation models, and helping shape Google Ads’ strategic plan. Originally from Jamaica, she is valued for pragmatic leadership, data-driven decision-making, and championing diverse perspectives. 

Sheila Stafford

CEO and Co-Founder - TeamSense

Before co-founding OpCo PortCo TeamSense, Sheila jokes that she prepared for the role by working directly in “each line of the P&L.” Her wide-ranging experiences have taken her to sales, marketing, product development, supply chain, and manufacturing across two markets: U.S. and Europe. Sheila’s time at GM gave her on-the-floor insight into factory operations and first-hand experience in the complexities of people management and communication challenges with a ‘deskless’ workforce. Seeking to expand her knowledge, Sheila left GM to pursue an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Afterward, she joined Whirlpool Corporation, where she spent nearly a decade. Sheila spent most of her time working in product development, bringing product innovation and process innovation to life on the factory floor. Sheila’s deep understanding of the factory floor, her ability to deliver solutions that solve customer pain points, and her desire to lead a company led her to leap into the start-up world. She co-founded TeamSense in 2020, a  texting platform connecting hourly employees to their companies that actually works for both sides.  

Joanna Strober

CEO and Co-Founder - Midi Health

Joanna is the CEO of OpCo PortCo Midi Health, the only virtual-care platform for women in midlife covered by insurance. She started Midi after seeing how her hormone transition affected not just her sleep, but also her energy, weight, mood… and how all of it improved with treatment. That experience made her ask questions: Why wasn’t expert care for women at midlife easily accessible and covered by insurance? Why didn’t more women know about hormone transition, and all the potential ways to manage it—whether with hormones, or non-hormonal prescriptions, or supplements? She also realized this was an issue of equity. Joanna saw that women could not reach their potential without access to great healthcare at midlife. She got curious, angry, and with the help of her co-founders, got moving. Prior to Midi, Joanna founded Kurbo Health, a digital therapeutic for childhood obesity that she grew to serve tens of thousands of adolescents worldwide and sold to WW in 2018. Before following her passion for digital health, Joanna spent fifteen years making investments in venture capital and private equity. 

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