Anderson Yen, The Richest Man I Know

Mallun Yen

I could feel his strong heart pulsing through his hand in mine until it slowed and then stopped.

My father, Anderson I. Yen, died peacefully on November 10, 2023, surrounded by his wife and four children after being hospitalized with Covid and pneumonia. He is survived by us and his grandchildren, his only known family. He was 88. His mind remained sharp, his skin smooth, and he had a head of thick, salt-and-pepper hair.

My father’s passing left all of us, his descendants, to work through our grief. It has also left me with a need to make sense of both his story and his legacy. My father didn’t leave a fortune behind; he wasn’t rich, by any stretch of the imagination. What he left is a wealth of knowledge and experience, which I will carry on. 

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