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A Data Workspace Flex? That's Hex.

Mallun Yen

Hex is a Data Workspace platform that makes it easy for teams to connect to data, analyze it in collaborative SQL and Python-powered notebooks, and share work as interactive data apps and stories. The company was founded by ex-Palantir and TrialSpark engineers – all users and builders of data tools. They’ve felt the acute pain that Data Scientists and Analysts endure having to distill insights from fragmented sources, make do with inadequate tools, and report out in antiquated ways. That’s what inspired them to create the data workspace product they always wish they had: Hex.

Why you should pay attention 
Data Scientists and Analysts are among a business’s most strategic players: they illuminate insights that can bend the trajectory of a business. Yet they’ve had to work with tools that are riveted to the past: jumping between local Python notebooks, traditional BI platforms, spreadsheets, SQL scratchpads, visualization tools, and scripts and more. Hex is changing that game. Companies all over the world including Glossier, Imgur, Pave, and many more are using Hex to bring a whole new model to how they explore data, collaborate on analyses, share quick reports, build complex apps, and bring strategic insights to light. 

Game changer 
Not long ago Data Scientists and Analysts had to also be software engineers. No more. With the Hex data workspace, configuring local environments, data connections, and compute backends is history. Sending copy-pasted charts, emailed CSVs, one-off decks, and PDF’d docs is in the past. Data Scientists and Analysts now have advanced tools that allow them to get out of the weeds and elevate the impact they’re making to the business.  

How it works
Hex integrates with popular data warehouses, including Snowflake, Redshift, and BigQuery. It stores credentials securely, eliminating friction around environment variables or plaintext tokens. Its built-in SQL cells are fully-featured SQL editors. Hex has a Python and SQL notebook environment with a built-in Chart Cell that makes visualization easy. Its collaborative notebooks deliver a true analysis workspace for teams with features including real-time multiplayer commenting, granular permissions, and version control. The App Builder makes it easy to turn analyses into interactive, shareable apps. It lets stakeholders see for themselves “what happens if…” by using pull-down menus and check boxes that anyone can use. It’s built from the ground up to support secure data connections, deployment to customer clouds, full end-to-end encryption, SSO integration, and other security-focused features vital in today’s data-everywhere world.

Why we’re obsessed 
Hex helps data teams make their work more impactful. It turns notebooks into collaborative, interactive documents and apps. Hex’s simple but powerful UI allows the entire organization to benefit from dynamic analysis and modeling. Hex’s users are vital to every business, and Hex turbocharges their productivity. Data Scientists, Analysts, and the stakeholders they serve can see and share real time data and immediate outputs with Hex. This company is defining what’s next in Data Workspace.

Get involved
Access to Hex is currently invite-only, but new teams are added every day. To get on the radar, reach out directly to Hex and share why you’d love to join the early access program. 

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